PrimaCreator EasyPrint PLA 2.85mm - White

PrimaCreator EasyPrint PLA 2.85mm - Blue

PrimaCreator EasyPrint PLA 1.75mm - Rainbow

PrimaSelect White PLA 1.75mm 2,3 kg

Sold Out!


PrimaSelect PLA - 2.85mm - 750 g - Glow in the Dark Green

PrimaValue ABS 2.85mm White Filament 1KG

PrimaValue ABS 2.85mm Black Filament 1KG

Smooth-On XTC-3D 644gr

Sold Out!


Smooth-On XTC-3D 181gr

Sold Out!


PrimaSelect PVA HT (High Temp) - 1.75mm - 500 g - Natural

PrimaSelect PETG - 1.75mm - 750 g - Solid Dark Blue

PrimaValue PLA Filament - 1.75mm - 1 kg spool - Orange

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