Who are we?


We are a newly created company, with a passion for 3D printing. The need for a prototype that was too expensive to make, was the impetus for taking on 3D printing as an alternative solution. The lack of available and accessible materials, was the reason I decided to create this company. Maybe just like me, you are searching for materials that cannot be easily obtained; but we are here now!

Refil 3D aims to find the best products on the market and provide them to our customers at competitive prices. Through our experience in the 3D printing industry we realise that the quality of every printer component and the materials used for printing is absolutely vital for excellent printing results. All the products that we sell have been tried and tested by us, in order to ensure that we promote and sell only the best. If you have some free time to assemble your own 3D printer, or you need to create an affordable prototype for a project, or even if you just like watching the printer creating something, we are here to provide you with equipment, materials and support.

So, what are you creating today?


Refil 3D is an online 3D Printing Supplies store owned by Infinima Tech Ltd, with its offices located in Nicosia, Cyprus. Being an online store we do not currently have a store front but offer delivery of products to customers and the ability of collection of goods from our offices.

The address of our offices is:
Ayiou Grigoriou 6


In order to keep our range of products up to date, we always seek out to find new suppliers, and the suppliers that provide products of value at great prices.

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