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PrimaSelect PLA 1.75mm Neon Orange - 50g

PrimaCreator EasyPrint PLA 1.75mm White - 50g

Wanhao Wanhao Power Supply Unit D4 - 4X / 4S

Creality 3D Creality CR-10/Ender series Hot-end aluminum block

Nema 17 Motor Damper


Creality 3D 0.6mm Copper Nozzle

Extrudr NX2 PLA 2.85mm Red


Antclabs BL Touch - Bed Leveling Probe

Filament Run Out Sensor


Optical Endstop


PrimaCreator Easyprint PLA 2.85mm 1kg Silver

PrimaSelect PLA - 2.85mm - 750 g - Metallic Grey

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